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It can be tough to pick the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Because what do you get the woman who gave you life? How do you show her just how much she means to you?

After all – she is the woman who kissed your scrapped knees and loves you unconditionally. Doesn’t she deserve to be spoiled like none other – especially on Mother’s Day?

Use these suggestions to treat mom to something she will cherish on Mother’s Day and long after. 


Mani-Pedi Spa Date

Sometimes we all need a little professional help with our beauty regime. Pamper your mom with a spa date. Help her get everything from her cuticles to her skin in tip-top shape with a luxurious mani-pedi appointment.


At-Home Mani-Pedi Follow-up

Don’t let the pamper session end. Spend some quality time with your mom during an at-home mani-pedi session. Put together a simple kit with a pumice stone, essential oil, and ultra-hydrating lotion. It’s hard to know what she’ll love more – spending time with you or her sweet smelling, smooth skin!


Brightening Serum

Of all days, Mother’s Day probably isn’t the time to point out mom’s wrinkles. So don’t! Just focus on restoring her youthful glow. A great brightening serum can help infuse new life into her skin (and yours if you feel like picking up a bottle for yourself!) A great option is the C+ Collagen Brighten & Firm Vitamin C Serum by Dr. Dennis Gross. It is designed to help revive tired skin, creating a radiant complexion.


Luxurious Shower Oil

Shower oils have been touted as the best beauty innovation since oatmeal, and with good reason. These ultra-hydrating solutions help infuse your skin with more moisture than any other product – including the gels and body creams which claim to be the best. Oil is particularly effective around sensitive areas, such as eczema breakouts or dry patches of skin. Among our favorites is Julep’s Rethink Your Shower. It’s heavy duty enough to get the job done, while lightweight enough not to leave an unpleasant residue.


New Perfumes

Perfume is an incredibly personal beauty product. Buying one for someone else can be hard. But, it can be equally difficult to buy one for yourself. Because while you may like the perfume in the store, you might not like wearing it on a consistent basis. And, perfume is expensive. Save your mom the headache and buy her a collection of mini bottles. This will allow her to take a variety of options on a test drive.


New Showerhead

This might not be the most glamorous of gifts. We get it. But, nothing makes a shower more luxurious than an amazing showerhead.


Waterproof Notepad

Does your mom get some of her best ideas in the shower? Make sure she can remember them. Aqua Notes are the perfect way for her to capture the great ideas she gets while bathing. These waterproof notepads allow you to write, even when they get wet!



A bouquet of flowers is nice. It can make any space look and smell better. But, bouquets die. A diffuser can last for weeks.


Scented Candle

Another great, yummy smelling option is a scented candle. Buy one in a beautiful container to add a fun item she’ll see daily. Plus, it’ll add a bit of ambiance when she lights it.


Succulent Wall Garden

A succulent wall garden is a low-maintenance way to add life to your bathroom. Planted in a frame, it looks beautiful while needing minimal watering. (You will need to make sure your mom’s bathroom gets plenty of light. These are sun-friendly plants!)


Plush Towels

Make sure mom is surrounded by softness. Replace her old towels with a new plush set. If you want to make this gift extra special, you might consider pairing her new towels with a set of slippers and matching robe. Nothing will keep her cozier than staying wrapped up in soft terry cloth!


New Shower

We may be a tad biased, but we believe this is one of the ultimate gifts. Give your mom’s shower a luxurious and spacious face-lift. Swap out her existing setup with a seamless shower that is as beautiful as it is easy to clean!


Let’s talk about updating your mom’s shower!