13 Wall Décor Options We Love

There’s nothing quite like a little bit of wall décor to jazz up a space. Use these 13 different examples to infuse your bathroom with fun and beauty.


Bathroom Wall Quotes

Bathroom wall quotes are a great way to go. You can select ones that are inspirational, like this invitation to rest, relax and refresh

Rest relax and refresh bathroom wall quotes

You could go for something that’s instructional, such as this quote that reminds you to brush your teeth.

bathroom wall quotes

Your bathroom wall quote could remind you to be happy.

pretty girls smile bathroom wall quotes

Or, it could be a little tongue-in-cheek.
skinny bathroom wall quotes

Bathroom Wall Signs

Etsy is one of our all-time favorite destinations for bathroom wall décor. There are just so many creative ideas. And, many of them are very reasonable prices. The signs range from fun pictures to funky quotes. We’re quite partial to this rustic invitation to “Get Naked.”

Get Naked bathroom wall decor

We also like this comical sign poking fun at the difference between toothbrushes and toilet paper.

Funny bathroom wall decor

These jungle theme wall signs bring a bit of bright life to your bathroom.

jungle theme bathroom wall decor

And, this toilet paper art transform standard function into beauty.

toilet paper art bathroom wall decor

Mounted Accessories

Turning everyday items into beautiful decorations is another great way to add some pop to your bathroom. This mounted nail polish rack lets you display your bottles to add some color to your space. It is ideal if you have a relatively consistent palette of nail polishes.

nail polish bathroom wall decor
This gold and glass shelf puts an elegant twist on traditional bathroom shelves. Additionally, the reflective mirror base adds another layer of intrigue.

elegant shelving bathroom wall decor

These simple wall vases allow you to bring in some true freshness to your bathroom. Fill this with a small amount of water, clip a few blooms from your garden, and you’ll brighten up your bathroom in no time.

wall vases bathroom wall decor

You might also consider updating your towel racks with modern hooks or repurposed doorknobs.


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