14 Ways to Give Your Bathroom a Spa-Like Feel

Visiting the spa is a nice treat. Spas are designed to help you relax, to clear your mind, and to find a sense of calm.

Unfortunately, most of us aren’t able to visit a spa every day. Does this mean you can’t enjoy the same relaxing benefits? Nope!

With some simple additions and updates, you can transform your everyday bathroom into a spa-like retreat at home. We have rounded up 14 of our favorite bathroom accessories, décor, style choices and designs to help you create a space that helps you go ahh


Plants – Plants breathe life into a bathroom. They bring a sense of calm and add a natural beauty. Because bathrooms don’t typically have lots of windows, you will often need to select plants that can handle low-light environments. These include:

  • Bamboo
  • Orchids
  • Snake Plants
  • Spider Plants


Black and White Motif – Like the ‘little black dress,’ a black and white motif is the classic go-to for elegance that doesn’t take a lot of work. To keep your bathroom feeling light and airy, keep the main structures white (such as your sink, toilet, and shower). Then add splashes of black with your accessories wall décor.


Trough Sink – Petite sinks scream old. By updating your bathroom with a large trough sink, you will give it a modern vibe. This has the added luxury touch of helping you and guests not slosh water all over the vanity and floor.


Suspended Mirror – A mirror is a mirror is a mirror, right? Wrong. Mirrors can set the stage for your bathroom. By suspending your mirror from the ceiling, you will visually make your bathroom appear larger. And, you will add a bit of intrigue to the space.


Spacious Shower – The tub-shower combo is a classic. Unfortunately, most two-for-ones mean sacrificing. In this case, you are sacrificing on space. By swapping your tub-shower combo for a spacious shower, you will enjoy a luxury bathing experience.


Pink Pop – Bring the feminine vibe to your bathroom with bright pops of pink color. Infuse them with ornate wallpaper or framed pictures of pink flowers. Further pull out this color by incorporating pink accessories on your vanity.


Grandfather Clock – Grandfather clocks are the epitome of old-world elegance. If you have a tall, narrow space in your bathroom, consider adding one. To take this vintage décor a step further, you might pair it with a mirror in a vintage frame.


Double Sinks – Sharing may be caring, but when it comes to personal grooming – space is a luxury. Installing double sinks allows you and your partner to skip the elbow jockeying.


Full-Length Mirror – Picture this – you are getting ready for a big night out on the town. You primp your hair. You clean your fingernails. You put on your outfit. And then you spend twenty minutes trying to squeeze your whole self into the half-vanity mirror. To say it is cumbersome is putting it mildly. A full-length mirror is something the women and men in your household will enjoy.


Plush Towels – One of the biggest treats when you visit a spa are the plush towels. Why not enjoy the same luxury at home. Invest in some quality bath linens and you will love getting out of the shower as much as you love getting in.


Slippers – Like towels, slippers are that small luxury addition to visiting a spa that just makes you feel special. Why? Because they spoil your toes – a part of you that is often neglected.


Robe – Rounding out the linen indulgence is a plush robe. Once you have dried off, wrap up in a fluffy robe and let the relaxation continue.


Aromatics – Spas smell good. Yes. They smell clean and fresh. But it is more than that. When you clean your bathroom it smells clean and fresh and a bit like cleaning solution. Spas typically have a soothing smell. Bring the same scent to your bathroom with the addition of incents.


Candles – Lighting sets the mood. By incorporating candles into your bathroom décor, you can add the soft glow of candlelight.


Need help giving your bathroom that spa-like touch? Ready to add a spacious shower? Talk to one of our design experts today. They can help you pick the style perfectly suited to fit your needs.