The Best Christmas Books to Read on the Throne

We all go. Charmin tells us in its adorable commercials. Taro Gomi shared us in his witty children’s book, Everyone Poops.

Selecting the right toilet is definitely an essential part of enjoying your trip to the loo. (Get some tips about how do just that.) But – good reading material is the proverbial cherry on top to your trip to the throne room.

This time of year, use your reprieve to get in the spirit by reading a Christmas book. Here are some of our favorites: 


Night Before Christmas

This might be the most well-known Christmas story. A poem, it has been illustrated by so many different artists it’s hard to keep track. But one thing is consistent from version to version – it’s an easy read that’s sure to make you smile.


A Cup of Christmas Tea

Tom Hegg wrote A Cup of Christmas Tea when he was asked to speak on Christmas Eve at his church. He read it with his eyes glued to the paper in nearly deafening silence. It was when he looked up that he realized there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. This amazing tale tells of a young man’s reluctant visit to his elderly great-aunt. It’s about love. It’s about defying age. And, more importantly, it’s about family.


The House Without a Christmas Tree

This young adult chapter book is just the right length for a couple quick trips or a long one. It’s the story of a quirky family, Christmas on a tight budget, and what it means to be selfless.


The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

What happens when the worst kids in town – the ones who lie, steal, cuss, and smoke cigars – take over the annual Christmas pageant? A Christmas miracle of course. Another easy young adult novella, this book can be read in quick chapter snippets or a longer, leisurely trip.


The Gift of the Magi

There’s something about Christmas that brings out the very best and most selfless in folks – especially a brother and sister who have little to their names. The Gift of the Magi is indeed about gifts, but it’s about more than that. It’s about sacrificing your most prized possession for those you love.


Polar Express

The Polar Express proves Christmas is an adventure. Only those who believe can hear the bells on Santa’s sleigh. After you read this one, you might be wondering is you – too – can hear them jingling when Christmas Eve rolls around.


The Traditions of Christmas

Ever wondered where did the traditions of Christmas come from? Now you can find out. Learn about everything from stockings and Christmas carols to cookies and Santa.


The Nutcracker

Most of us associate The Nutcracker with a trip to the ballet, but this story is also told in print. Get wrapped up in the epic battle when the nutcracker comes to life and defeats the evil Mouse King. It’s a tale of daring bravery and passion.


Skipping Christmas

Skipping Christmas is a comedy novella outlining the hilarious ways Luther and Nora Krank try and avoid the frenzy of Christmas – only to eventually get wrapped up in the spirit of the holiday.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Like Skipping Christmas, Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! tells the tales of how Christmas can soften even the hardest of hearts. With the right amount of love and perseverance, even a Grinch can learn to smile.


The Berenstain Bears and the Joy of Giving

Always filled with love, The Berenstain Bears series doesn’t disappoint with their Christmas themed tale. When Brother and Sister Bear can’t wait to for Christmas to open all their presents, Christmas becomes a valuable lesson about the joy of giving.


The Littlest Elf

The Littlest Elf is a good reminder that the smallest among us can sometimes have the biggest job. And, that sometimes we all need a little help. When that help happens to come in the form of a reindeer – all the better!


And while you’re sitting on the throne reading – if you happen to decide you also need to treat yourself to an updated shower – we have you covered. Schedule a talk to one of our design specialists today.