Essential Elements of a Kid-Friendly Bathroom

Your children’s bathroom isn’t about all bathtub games and bubble blowing. (Though, we’re certainly fans of both.) Your children’s bathroom is also a place for more serious business like teeth brushing, potty training, and body bathing.

So, how do you make the bathroom a place your children enjoy that is also functional? By incorporating these key elements: 


Durable, Low Maintenance Materials

There are no two ways to slice it – kids are a lot of work. Why make your life any more difficult than it needs to be? Stick to durable, low maintenance materials in the bathroom. This will help you cut down on how long it takes you to clean. And in the event something breaks or is ruined, this means it will cost you less to repair and/or replace.


Give Them a Boost

Sure. You could lower the countertops so your children can reach them on their own. However, in a few years you will need to remodel the bathroom to accommodate your growing children. Instead, make sure you place a sturdy stepstool in the bathroom. This will allow them to reach the sink and necessary toiletries.


Quiet Close Seats

Banging lids can be a headache-inducing noise – especially at night. You can simplify your life by installing quiet-close toilet seats.


Non-Slip Surfaces in the Shower/Tub

Bathrooms are one of the most dangerous rooms in the house. The shower and tub, in particular, can be tricky. These surfaces are slippery even when they are not wet. As your kids gain their gross motor skills, navigating these slippery surfaces can be difficult. Adding a non-slip surface, like a shower mat with some grip, can help them maintain their balance.


Need some additional tips about how to create a kid-friendly bathroom? We have you covered.