Summer. A time to breathing a little deeper and freeing yourself of all the craziness in life. One of the best ways to do so is by de-cluttering. And, there’s no better place to start than your medicine cabinet. Use this three-step guide to remove the clutter: 

1. Toss Expired Items

Everything from medicines to beauty products has expirations dates. And, those dates are there for a reason. Using items past their expiration date can be dangerous to your health.

Take a close look at all your product – including sunscreen to see whether or not they’ve expired. (Sunscreen generally has a one-year shelf life. As the weather turns and you need protection, make sure when you lather up the sunscreen you’re using is going to do the job!)


NOTE: Don’t just toss old medications in the trash. This especially important if you have kids around. Tossing them could give your children easy access to prescription medications. The best course of action is to flush them down the toilet or to deposit them at a local collection center. Typically fire stations and police precincts will accept expired medication.


2. Double-Check Your Supply

When you need a Band-Aid or Tylenol, you need it right then. The same is true for allergy medicine, cough syrup, and tampons. Take stock of what you have on hand and what needs to be restocked. It’s best to restock before you run out completely.


3. Purge Items You No Longer Use

Hanging onto 50 bottles of hotel shampoo? Have an entire collection of cranberry scented lotions from your mother-in-law that you’ve never touched? Now’s the time to toss them! All those items you have and never use are just cluttering your medicine cabinet (and your life)!


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