If you are mold, the shower is a haven! It’s damp and dark. It’s often filled with groves and soap scum. It can also be difficult to clean. But what if you never had to clean your shower again?

Get ready for the good life. By using the following tips, you can enjoy a perpetually fresh shower with hardly any effort. 


If you have a shower curtain…

Before we jump into the good stuff, let’s just get those one out of the way. If you have a plastic shower curtain – toss it! You may think plastic can easily be sanitized. Think again. Those flimsy babies are darn near impossible to clean. Rather, use a fabric liner that can easily be thrown into the washing machine.


Turn on the fan before your shower. Always.

If you are trying to avoid cleaning, moisture is your biggest enemy. Always make sure you run the bathroom fan to keep steam to a minimum.


Leave the door open post shower.

For privacy reasons, you may not want to shower with the door to your bathroom open. But post shower, make sure to open your bathroom door so you can air out the space as quickly as possible.


Get your squeegee on.

Leaving water on your shower walls and shower door is a quick way for soap scum to build up. Take 30 seconds or so to squeegee the walls after your shower.



In a spray bottle, combine an equal part white vinegar and water with a drop or two of dish soap. Every few days, spray the sides of your shower to keep soap scum for building up.


Dry problem areas.

Know there are areas in or around your shower that easily collect water, but don’t dry? Make sure to clean them quickly post shower to keep them from becoming mold traps.


Install a single-surface shower.

The more nooks and crannies in your shower, the more places mold has to grow. By installing a single-surface shower, you can cut down on the cleaning and free up more of your time for, well, anything else.


Talk to a Bath Fitter design professional about which single-surface shower is right for you bathroom.