Bigger isn’t always better. There are plenty of small things which are pretty awesome. Puppies. Babies. Donut holes

Even small bathrooms can have their dose of charm. The key to a great bathroom is function and lots of style. And when you’re dealing with a small space, you need to maximize every square inch. That means, using the floor to give your small bathroom extra pizzazz.

The following four types of flooring are great in bathrooms and can be installed with plenty of style. 



Tile is one of the go-to materials for bathroom floors. When installed and sealed correctly, a tile floor will stand up to a heavy beating. And, it can be laid in all sorts of fun patterns. However, when tile gets wet it can be extremely slippery. This is why if you chose to go with a tile floor, it’s best to use smaller tiles. This creates more grip, helping you avoid slipping even when your floor is wet.


Vinyl floor is by far the most affordable flooring option available. Normally when we think of vinyl, we imagine an ugly, yellowing color. However, vinyl’s come a long way. Now you can get it all kinds of different colors and patterns. It’s important to keep in mind though, that like tile, you’ll want to select a vinyl floor with plenty of texture.

Waterproof Laminate

Traditional laminate swells when it’s exposed to water, making it a bad choice for the bathroom. On the other hand, waterproof laminate can be a great option as it holds up well and offers a variety of styles not otherwise available.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Wood offers a serene and elegant look. Unfortunately, wood doesn’t do great in spaces with lots of water – like the bathroom. Luxury Vinyl Flooring offers a realistic alternative that can give you all the same elegance without any of the potential rot.

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