Shocked woman

Thinking about updating your bathroom? Don’t simply jump into a remodel. It is all too easy to make mistakes. If you are not careful, your beautiful bathroom update can quickly become a bathroom disaster. The following design mistakes are some of the most common we see: 

Forgetting About Light

Light is one of the keys to bathroom safety. One, dim overhead light simply isn’t enough. Not only does this make your bathroom seem like a dark cave, it makes you and your guests more likely to have an accident. Plus, it makes it difficult to do simple grooming activities, like apply makeup and shave. Whenever you update your bathroom, one of the items you should plan first is where the lights will go.

TIP: Try to layer your light as much as possible by providing light from multiple sources. This can help boost the mood within your bathroom.

Forgetting About Storage

A fabulous new shower and stunning new sink will quickly be overshadowed by a pile of towels in the corner. Without storage, your bathroom can quickly become a cluttered mess. Look for ways to incorporate storage while adding beauty to your bathroom. This might be an elegant recessed medicine cabinet, shelves under your sink or the airy look of floating shelves.

Installing a Floor Without Texture

Your floor is going to get wet. It is the bathroom. When a smooth surface gets wet, it becomes very slippery. In order to provide safety, make sure the floor you select for your bathroom remodel has texture.

Installing a Shower That is Hard to Clean

Who wants to spend hours scrubbing and re-caulking their shower? We certainly don’t! Installing a seamless shower makes cleaning a breeze, as there are fewer nooks and crannies for mold to grow.

Explore your options for a custom-made, seamless shower.