bathroom scale

If you still have a boring, white mechanical scale, it’s time for an upgrade. Those old-school measuring instruments are as ugly as they are inconsistently accurate. Today, you have more choices than ever. The modern bathroom scale is not only more attractive, it’s more accurate at measuring your weight. And, it often performs a variety of additional functions. 

Use this guide to select the best scale for you.

Start by Knowing Yourself

A lot of factors can affect your weight, including your elevation, proximity to the equator, and how hydrated you are. Even the position of your scale can alter how you weigh in. In order to get an accurate reading, you need to know yourself. How you typically weigh in, on that scale, and in that location can help you know how accurate your weight is.

Pick a Scale That’s Easy to Read

Do you really want to squint at your scale every time you want to measure your weight? As you select a scale, think about how easy it is going to be for you to read.

Consider the Scale’s Weight Capacity

Not all scales are built equally. Some handle higher weights than others. Often home scales have max weight that ranges anywhere from 300 to 550 pounds. Take stock of where you are physically and whether or not the scale will cut the muster.

Do You Want a Scale that Measures More Than Just Your Weight?

Yes, the most important feature of a scale is that it tells you how much you weigh. But many modern scales will also tell you details like your body fat percentage and calculate your BMI. Many of these high-tech scales are also capable of tracking your progress and can be programmed for multiple different users.


Two of Our Favorite Bathroom Scales Right Now

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