Dirty Gloves

The fact that the bathroom can get a bit dirty isn’t a secret. Unfortunately, the dirt you wash from your pup’s paws isn’t the only nastiness you need to worry about in the shower, sink, and toilet. It can also quickly become a haven for allergens. With all the warm moisture in your bathroom, it’s a place dust mites can flourish and mold can quickly take hold. 

Use these tips to keep potentially hazardous allergens at bay:

Give Linens Space to Dry

Wet bathmats and towels have trouble drying when they’re crowded together on a hook or left in a heap on the floor. As a general rule, make sure to hang your all towels on their own hook or towel bar after each use.

Bonus Tip – Wipe down moist surfaces. This includes the tops of counters, any large puddle of water on the floor, and your shower door and walls.

Toss the Carpet

Carpet is a mold magnet once it gets wet. This makes it potentially the worst bathroom flooring decision possible. If you have carpet in the bathroom, get rid of it immediately.

Turn on the Fan

Make sure to turn on the fan during each shower to help ventilate as much of the steam out of your bathroom as possible. You might also consider opening a door or cracking a window to let your bathroom clear out more quickly.

Clean the Toilet

By their nature, toilets are dirty. However, heavily soiled and stained toilets take that level of yuckiness to a whole new level. But the real issue is that each time you flush, some of that grossness is released in the air. The dirtier your toilet, the more that’s released. So clean the porcelain throne on the regular.

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