Spa Like Bathroom

Does it seem like all the luxurious things in life also come with a hefty price tag? In many instances, this is true. Caviar, trips to Cabo, and fresh oysters from the Pacific Northwest’s beloved Taylor Fish Farms will all run you a pretty penny.

However, there are some ways to spoil yourself without breaking the bank. Namely, creating an at-home spa. This means taking your bathroom beyond ‘standard neat and tidy.’ Creating a true spa feel takes a little design savvy. 

The following tips and tricks can help you infuse an everyday bathroom with the ahhh inspiring vibes perfect for beginning and ending your day.

Swap in Bright Colored Walls

Too often bathrooms become blah and boring caves, where dull and/or dark colors dominate the space. For bathrooms on the smaller side, this is particularly a problem, as it makes the space appear smaller than it really is.

To open up your bathroom and make it feel light and airy, opt for light colored walls – such as a soft eggshell. Light colors, like different hues of white, bounce light around. This brightens the space, helping it visually expand.

Find Organizers that Work for You

Clutter can quickly feel overwhelming. But creating a cluttered free space is easier said than done. If you feel like you’re spending half your life tidying up, then maybe it’s time to rethink your approach.

Take stock of the items you currently have. Think about the size containers required to house those items. Then, find storage that works for you. Remember, open shelving is lovely when it showcases neatly arranged, elegant items. But, if your organization technique veers more toward the grab and stash mentality, you might want something a bit more private – at least for some of your items.

Add Some Intrigue

Yes, we recommend painting the walls white. But, all white can make for a very dull space. Rather, consider your white walls a canvas. Use them to showcase a brilliant and inspiring piece of art. This could be a framed poster you like. It may be a collection of family photos. Or, perhaps it’s a living painting. (Living paintings are succulents planted in a shadowbox that can be hung on the wall.)

Word to the Wise: Hang something you like. But, don’t hand something you love in the bathroom. The nature of a bathroom (aka all that moisture) can destroy items over time. The last thing you would want is an irreplaceable or very expensive piece to be destroyed because of a long, steamy shower.

Bring in Some Life

Plants have a variety of benefits, not the least of which is bringing actual life to your space. Bring around plants has been shown to be a mood booster. They also release vital oxygen into the air. And, plants add another layer of texture to a space, allowing you to create intrigue out of a living thing.

Let’s Talk Towels

Towels get overlooked – until they don’t. Until they become so soft and plush you can’t help but just enjoy the feel of them on your body. And in comparison to other bathroom updates – replacing your towels is a very affordable update. So go ahead. Swap out your tired bathroom linens with a new, plush replacement.

Burn a Candle

Think about your last visit to a spa. What was one of the things that really set the mood? In most instances, it’s the lighting. A beautiful candle or a collection of them creates a gentle glow that instantly triggers the brain to relax. Additionally, if you buy candles in a scent you love, you can get a two for one as the freshen the space while also adding to the vibe.

Luxurious, Ultra-Hydrating Lotion

Applying lotion daily helps your body stay hydrated. The action of rubbing in lotion stimulates blood flow, encouraging your body to heal tired and sore muscles. Lotion can also help prevent painful occurrences like hangnails. And, if you buy one in a scent you like, it can just smell darn good. So go on. Treat yourself to a luxurious, ultra-hydrating location.

Turn on Some Relaxing Tunes

Even if you’re just using your phone, find a playlist that relaxes you and turn that bad boy on. Because few things can bring peace the mind more quickly than a soothing melody.

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