3 Easy Tips to Organize Your Bathroom

Around here, we believe your bathroom should be a special, relaxing place in which you enjoy spending time. After all, it’s typically where you start and end your day.

One of the most common issues we see folks face is a disorganized bathroom. Disorganization leads to clutter, which typically leads to stress. To help you resort order to your bathroom and maximize your space, we’ve outlined our three keys to bathroom organization: 


Identify Your Problem Areas

Cabinets, drawers, and medicine cabinets can easily become a dumping ground for items. Take some time to sort through those areas that look more like a lost and found bin than an organized bathroom.

Depending on how long it’s been since you have done a purge, you might discover you have four bottles of hairspray and three bottles of sun tan lotions that have passed their expiration dates. You might find you actually do have extra hair ties. (SCORE!) There could be medicine that needs to be recycled appropriately, self-tanner that looks a bit suspect, and nail polish from 1989.

Sort your findings into three categories: keep, throw, donate.


Consider Your Routine

Before you start stashing your keep pile back into your drawers, consider your routine. Where do you do your hair in the morning? Where does your hubby shave his face? Where do y’all put on your lotion after the shower, apply makeup, and pluck stray hairs? Storing the items you use frequently in the appropriate zones will help you avoid mass scrambles, misplaced items, and discovering your drawer is once again a hodge-podge mess.


Accessorize Beautifully

The better your bathroom looks when it’s picked up, the more likely you’re going to want it to stay organized. Rather than stashing items in random bins and boxes, buy beautiful accessories to hold things like Q-tips, toothbrushes, and cotton balls. You don’t have to break the bank. Look at second-hand stores for old canning jars. To give them a pop of color, tie a ribbon around them.


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