Cute little baby boy taking bath playing with foam and colorful rubber duck toys in a white sunny bathroom

Kids just want to have fun. As an adult your idea of the perfect bathroom probably represents something closer to a quiet and relaxing spa. Your kids’ ideal bathroom most likely resembles a water park.

No, we are not suggesting you build a bathroom water park for your children. However, we are suggesting you add inviting elements that make it a fun place to be. Luckily, adding color and character to your children’s bathroom is relatively simple. Easily replaceable elements (such as towels, shower curtains, and bath mats) lend themselves well to playful themes and bright palettes.

To help you get started, we’re sharing our three-step guide to creating a kid-friendly bathroom. 


Pick a Theme

PrincessWhat are your children passionate about? Do they love trips to the zoo? Does anything pink and princess make your little girl go gaga? Are trucks or boats right up his alley? It’s best to select a theme about which they are already passionate. This will automatically increase their excitement.

Additionally, don’t obsess over selecting a theme your children will love for the rest of their lives. The theme you pick isn’t what your kids have to be stuck with until they move out. Items like towels and shower curtains should be replaced from time-to-time.

It’s also worth noting, bathrooms lend themselves well to bright colors and bold contrasts. With expensive items in the bathroom (such as the toilet and sink), we highly recommend sticking to neutral and timeless colors. But, don’t be afraid to add a big and bold wall mural. Alternatively, you could decorate the walls with vinyl decals. They are easy to apply and take off as your kids’ tastes change.

Theme Ideas

  • Marine Life
  • Mermaids
  • Pirates
  • Boats
  • Zoo
  • Princess
  • Flowers
  • Cars and Trucks
  • Action Hero
  • Construction Zone


Ensure Items are Accessible

boy on stoolAre your “little grownups” independent go-getters who want to do things themselves? Or, are you trying to teach your kids to be more self-reliant? In order for your children to establish their independence, they have to be able to reach everything on their own.

As you think about designing their bathroom, consider their height. While they’re growing, a solid stepstool will typically be vital. This will allow them to brush their teeth and wash their hands themselves.

Additionally, you’ll want to think about where their toiletries are stored. In the shower, is their shampoo stashed high above their head? Consider using a multi-tiered shelving system that allows you to place their items lower. Is their toothpaste and toothbrush placed beyond their reach? Consider moving them closer to the edge of the counter where they can grab them as needed.


Create Clear Guidelines for Organization and Storage

Encourage your kids to take responsibility for their belongings and space. This is particularly important when you have more than one child sharing a bathroom. The mess of multiple kids can quickly turn from a bit of disorder into a crazy headache.

One of the easiest ways to encourage your kids to take responsibility for their belongings is to personalize them. You could do this by embroidering towels with their name or give them a specific pattern or color. If you have multiple children, this is a great way to quickly identify who is picking up after themselves and who isn’t.

Additionally, consider adding a laundry hamper either in the bathroom or near the bathroom. This will make it easy and clear where your children’s clothes and/or pajamas should be placed when they are dirty.


Kid-Friendly and Fun Bathroom Examples

  • Grace, author of design blog A Storied Life, desperately needed to update her kids’ bathroom. She added bright blue doors and a graphic hex tile that gave the space character. She also added typed labels to all the drawers, so her kids could clearly identify what goes where.
  • Tamara, author of decorating blog Provident Home Design, took her kid’s bathroom from drab to fab with a few simple updates. She added texture to the previously flat walls with a board and batten wood trim. Updating the shower curtain with a patterned version brought color to the space. And, adding a piece of wall art with complimentary colors further enhanced the fun vibe.
  • Carmel, author of home design blog Our Sixth House, gave a re-fresh to her kids’ bathroom. The space also doubles as a guest bathroom, so while it needed to be fun enough for her boys, it needed to be grownup enough for visitors. Selecting a travel theme, Carmel incorporated fun colors and framed maps to make the space engaging.


Want some additional ideas about how to create a kid-friendly bathroom? Drop by one of our two showroom locations and speak with one of our design professionals.