Girl Applying Mascara

Sometimes it’s helpful to have a few beauty tips up your sleeve. These are the tips that give you that little edge, that va va voom that instills confidence and makes you stand up a bit straighter when you walk in a room. Because as wonderful as Mother Nature made each of us, a little help never hurts. Especially if we’re getting ready for a first date or our 10-year class reunion. 


Layer Your Liner

The idea of using more than one type of liner may seem odd. But each liner has its own merits. Pencil liner is easier to apply in a straight line. But, it can often rub off throughout the day. Liquid liner delivers a big pop, but it can difficult to apply in a consistent shape. Line your eyes first with a pencil to get the nice, beautiful shape you want. Then, add a second layer of liquid liner to give your eyes some pop.


Use Brown Napkins to Blot

Throughout the day, it’s not uncommon for oil to accumulate on your skin. Not only can this make you to look weathered, it can cause you to breakout. A variety of beauty brands sell blotting papers. But, brown paper napkins (like the ones many cafes carry) work just as well, if not better. So when you grab your afternoon late, grab a napkin and blot away.


Give Your Eyelash Curler Some Extra Ump

Eyelashes are just like the hair on your head, except a bit shorter. And like your head hair, your eyelashes respond to heat. To give your eyelash curler a little extra ump, run it under hot water before curling your lashes.


Drink LOTS of Water

Hydration is one of the most essential keys to making your skin glow. It boosts your metabolism, helping you lose weight. It can make you look younger and more awake. So drink as much water as you can.


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