4 Tips to Selecting the Perfect Bathroom Lighting

More than any other room in the house, your bathroom will benefit from the correct lighting.

Why? Because poor lighting can be a safety hazard. The bathroom is full of slippery surfaces and outlets. It’s essential to see where you’re going.

Additionally, poor lighting can make it hard to put on your makeup. It can cause you to rush through daily activities, like brushing your teeth. And, it can make your bathroom feel like a cave! 

In order to help you select the perfect bathroom lighting, we have outlined our four top tips:

1. Layer Your Light

To layer light, you’ll want to incorporate more than one light source from more than one angle. If you have light coming form just one source, it can create really harsh shadows. By incorporating multiple sources, you can warm up your space.


2. Diversify Your Fixtures

Mix up the light fixtures in your bathroom so they don’t all cast the exact same type of light. For example, you might use one type of shade over your vanity and another on your wall sconce. This will help contribute to the layers of light and warmth in your bathroom.


3. Make Your Light Fixtures Cohesive With Your Bathroom Finishes

There are times when pairing a really modern piece with a really rustic piece can look great. Unfortunately, this can also look incredibly unsettling and disjointed. Unless you have a great eye for those types of pairings, it’s best to stick with one cohesive look.


4. Incorporate a Dim Option

Sometimes you need a lot of light, like when you are doing your makeup or shaving your beard. Other times you might want something a little less intense. Make sure you have options, by equipping your lights with dimmer switches.


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