Avoid the most common bathroom remodel mistakes to create a bathroom you love.

Designing a bathroom isn’t something you do everyday or even every year. It’s not like swapping out the throw pillows or replacing your running shoes. Sure, you can repaint or update your toilet. But those are big tasks!

Once your bathroom remodel is complete, chances are good you’re going to stick with what you’ve got. So you want to make sure the finished product is something you’re going to like.

One of the best ways to make sure your bathroom remodel turns out well is avoiding the mistakes of others. 


Squeezing in too Much

It’s not unusual for your bathroom to be on the small side. Unless you’re living in a mega mansion, the majority of your square footage is used for common areas. Even if your bathroom is a little larger, when you try and squeeze in too many items, it can make your space feel small. The smaller your bathroom, the less you want to put in it. This will help keep the visual chaos to a minimum.


Valuing Beauty over Practicality

Intricate tile designs in the shower and sweeping porcelain sinks look beautiful in pictures. What those pictures don’t show you is the time it takes to clean those elaborate bathroom features. On a day-in and day-out level, low maintenance can be worth its weight in gold. As you consider the design of your bathroom, make sure to think about how much time it will take to maintain.


Forgetting About the Lights

Especially when homeowners DIY their bathroom remodel, it’s not uncommon to forget about the lighting. The issue is, without enough light, a bathroom can quickly become a cave.


Installing Expensive Fixtures in Bright Colors

Using the latest color trend for your sink, toilet, and shower can be fun. But those features are expensive. And once you choose a bright and bold color like that, it really restricts your ability to decorate. Rather, use neutral colors for features and add splashes of color with accessories and towels.


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