Dirty boots

While the front entry is nice for greeting guests and boosting curb appeal, a great mudroom becomes the true front door for your family. It provides a barrier between the dirt from outside and the rest of your home. They can add efficiency. And, they can help with daily organization. 

The following are the essential elements of a great mudroom:

1. Hooks and Racks. When we come indoors, the first thing we all typically do is shed our outer layer. Coats, hats, scarves, and umbrellas all get tossed to the side. Hooks and racks give these items a clear place to land, rather than the floor. The let you take advantage of your wall space.

2. Cubbies. Like our outer layer, we often like to kick off our shoes and drop our bags when we come indoors. This is especially true if we’ve gotten a little (or a lot) dirty. Cubbies give these items a place to go so that the floor doesn’t become a cluttered landmine.

3. Bench. A bench acts as a staging zone. It gives you a clear place to rest as you take on and off your shoes. Depending on the bench you’ve selected, it can also do double duty by providing storage.

4. Washer and Dryer. Combining your laundry room and mudroom is one of the best moves you can make for keeping dirt to a minimum. Why carry dirty clothes through your home when you can disrobe and toss them directly into the washing machine. It just makes too much sense!

5. Shower. In the same vein as the washer and dryer, putting a shower in your mudroom keeps dirty bodies from traipsing across carpet and hardwood floors. The best mudroom showers are easy to clean. Look for a seamless design that keeps mold to a minimum. Additionally, you’ll want to install a handheld showerhead to give you maximum flexibility to wash all those hard to reach places.

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