Is your bathroom ever going to truly feel like a spa? Probably not, unless of course you keep a masseuse and cleaning lady waiting in the wings.

However, that doesn’t mean it can be spa-esc. The ideal bathroom should feel like a refuge – a space you go to relax and be revitalized. With the right attention to detail, even a small bathroom can become a sanctuary. Utilize these design tricks to make your small bathroom feel larger and airier. 


Eliminate Clutter

Nothing’s a bigger buzz kill than stepping out of a hot shower and into a cluttered space. This is especially true when your bathroom’s on the small side. Take a few moments and ask yourself: What do I really need? Of the products in your bathroom, what actually gets used and what are you holding onto “just in case”?


Lighten the Walls

Dark walls can quickly turn your bathroom into a cave. By painting the walls a light color, you’ll brighten up the space and make it visually appear larger.


Reflect a Little

Another great way to open up a small space is by incorporating mirrors. In addition to the mirror over your vanity, consider adding an accent mirror.


Let There be Light

Like dark walls, a lack of lighting can also have a cave-like effect. To make your bathroom appear larger, make sure it is equipped with adequate lighting. Think beyond overhead lights and consider wall sconces and ornate vanity fixtures.


Built-In Storage

No matter how good you are at organizing items in a beautiful fashion, your supply of extra toilet paper is still going to look like a supply of extra toilet paper. Built-in storage allows you to hide some of your not-so-beautiful items.


Need some additional spa-esc inspiration? Our “Spa Time” Pinterest board has some great ideas.