5 Reasons To Go Tub-less

Love the idea of dreamy, spacious shower? Think they are only meant for spas and mega-mansions? Think again.

The key is to dump your clunky tub for a luxurious shower.

Not convinced? We’ve compiled our top five reasons to go tub-less.


More Than 50% of Homeowners Prefer Stall Showers

Real estate agents remain steadfast that a home needs to have at least one bathtub to maintain its maximum resale value. However, data shows homebuyers preferences are changing. In 2013, the American Institute of Architects annual Home Design Trends Survey found that more than 60% of homeowners prefer stall showers with a tub. 


Going Tub-Less Doesn’t Require a Whole Bathroom Remodel

Not quite ready to jump into an expensive, full-scale bathroom remodel? You don’t have to. Going tub-less doesn’t require you to move your shower. In fact, here at Bath Fitter we do tub-to-shower-conversions all the time. By simply removing your tub, we’re able to help you capitalize on an immense amount of unused space.


Get Dual Showerheads

Whether you’re scrub-a-dub-dubbing with your other half or enjoying the spray from two angles, a tub-less shower allows you to functionally add a second showerhead.


Tub-Less Showers are More Mobility-Friendly

The bigger the obstacle, the harder it is to climb. Hiking your leg up and over the edge of a tub each day can become tiresome and difficult – especially as you age. Stall showers offer a low gateway entry. Alternatively, you might consider a curbless shower if you want a gateway-less entry.

Stall Showers Make Your Bathroom Appear Larger

Sure, you own the full square footage of your bathroom. But when that square footage is occupied by a clunky piece of furniture, it’s pretty hard to enjoy. By removing your tub, you’ll make your bathroom appear visually larger.


Ready to explore your tub-less shower options? Talk to one of our design experts today.