8 ways to make getting ready for your engagement shoot at home more fun

Your man proposed over the holidays. Now, your left hand’s feeling a little heavier, your heart a little lighter, and your time a little more crunched. You’re a fiancée after all. There’s wedding planning to be done.

But first – the engagement shoot. For many brides-to-be, the engagement shoot is an essential part of the wedding preparation process. Whether you just want to document your love or you’re looking to score a great picture for your save-the-dates – an engagement shoot can be a wonderful moment shared with your honey.

If you’re getting ready at home, use these eight tips to prep your bathroom: 

Clear the Decks

Before you start prepping for your engagement session, begin by clearing the decks. By which we mean – get rid of the clutter in your bathroom. As much fun as engagement sessions can be, they also have a tendency to be a bit stressful.

Cluttered areas make your brain work harder because it has to process more items. When you’re stressed, using this extra brainpower only amplifies the feeling. Before you start preparing for your engagement shoot, give yourself a tranquil environment by getting rid of any excess clutter.

Turn on the Tunes

Music is a natural mood enhancer. Put on a playlist that you love. Better yet, put on one that has a special meaning to you. Perhaps it’s an artist you’ve gone to see together. Maybe it’s a collection of you and your fiancé’s favorite songs. Let yourself get absorbed in the melody. Sing along if you like. The idea is to make this process as fun as possible.


Have a Glass of Water

Were you expecting us to suggest a glass of bubbly? While we’re definitely not opposed to toasting, reserve your cocktail for after your engagement session. Alcohol can make your eyes smaller in pictures, your cheeks flushed, and your face a bit swollen. As you get dressed for your engagement shoot – stick to water. This will help you maintain a radiant, natural look.

Bring in a Full-Length Mirror

While not all shots will probably show your whole body, chances are pretty good your entire outfit will be showing in quite a few of your pictures. It’s hard to know if the whole ensemble looks good together if you can’t see it. If you can, bring in a full-length mirror. You’ll definitely appreciate it.

Pick Your Outfit(s)

Talk to your photographer about what kind of outfits they recommend. This could be determined by the site you’ve chosen, the time of day or the theme. Make sure whatever you choose is comfortable. If you plan to wear special shoes during your engagement shoot, wear them in advance to make sure you can walk in them naturally.

Go for Neutral Makeup

In most cases, a neutral makeup palette is a good bet for an engagement shoot. Yes, foundation is nice because the camera catches even the smallest of flaws. And sure, mascara offers a great frame for your eye. But, too much eye shadow and blush can give your pictures an unnatural, almost clownish vibe.

Additionally, if you’re changing outfits, you’ll want to think about how your makeup will work with each one. Purple eyeshadow might be great with the blue shirt you have planned for your first look. How will it look with the red dress you’ve picked for your second?

Choose a Hairstyle That Will Hold

Engagement sessions normally range anywhere from one to three hours in length. And, they are often outdoors where your hair will be subjected to the elements. Make sure to pick a hairstyle that will hold through the entire session. Whether you’re choosing curls, straight hair or an updo – you’ll want it to look good through the whole session.

Bring a Few “Touchup” Items

Even the best makeup and hair will typically benefit from a bit of touching up. After you’re finished getting ready at home, make sure to pack up the key items that will help restore your look’s va va voom. This might be lipstick and powder. It could be hairspray and a brush. Just take a second to look around and consider, “What will I need.”

Need to bring even more calm to the prep process? Consider incorporating a few additional “spa” elements like fresh flowers and incense.