9 Keys to Being More Organized

If you are messy, organized people seem like wizards. They have tidy bathrooms and tidy bedrooms. Heck, organized people can see their floor!

Luckily, they aren’t wizards. They have just developed a few key habits. Here are some of our favorite keys to being organized that keep our homes from looking like they were hit by a tornado. Use some or all that seem appropriate.


Daily Trick or Treat

We are not talking about the beloved Halloween game of house-to-house dress up. As delightfully fun as that is, it doesn’t inherently create an “organized” house. Rather, we are talking about attaching a reward to a tedious task. For example, if you scrub the kitchen floor, treat yourself to a pedicure. If you wash the windows, give yourself an extra hour reading a good book with a good glass of wine. This type of task-reward setup will give you the inspiration you need to follow through.


Stash Items by Priority

One of the quickest ways for a room to become cluttered is when you need to take everything out just to accomplish a daily task. Rather, try stashing items by priority. In the bathroom, consider how often you find yourself reaching for things like your curling iron and hairbrush. You will want to put these in easily accessible locations. Alternatively, your foot scrub and Band-Aids probably don’t need to be as close at hand. These items can be stashed in high cupboards and low drawers that are harder to access.


Clean at They Go

Many of us have a tendency to walk in the door and just drop everything. As wonderful as it can be to unplug from responsibility when you get home, this creates random piles throughout your house. Rather than putting an item down willy-nilly, put items away immediately. By spending a few extra seconds now, you will save hours picking up and organizing later.


Toss Immediately

You know the pile of Goodwill items by the backdoor? As hard as it is to let go, it is time to actually drop them off. As soon as you identify items you don’t need any longer, move them to the car and get rid of them immediately. They are just taking up extra space in your home.


Add Hooks

Items on the floor just turn into piles. The same is true of items on bathroom countertops, kitchen countertops, and den desks. So, get the piles off the floor, counters and desks. By hanging hooks in high traffic areas where you often set things down, you will give yourself a designated place to hang each item.


Adjust Shelves Based on Need

The idea is simple: Adjust the height of your shelves to fit your needs. However, many folks just don’t do it. Sometimes it seems like too much initial work to take everything off the shelves, adjust them, and put items back in their place. But, it is a total game-changer. Simply trying to make a shelf work can lead to a lot of wasted storage space. By adjusting the shelf height to accommodate things like books and pantry items, you will be able to maximize space.



Vast, open storage spaces can become big black holes where things you need slip into oblivion. Finding the vacuum and the Christmas decorations can suddenly become such a huge task you stop vacuuming and skip decorating for the holidays. Rather, consider organizing your large storage spaces with shelves and clearly labeled bins. This will help you easily identify where items are.


Cleaning Schedule

Creating a regular cleaning schedule for typical tasks like cleaning the toilet, scrubbing the shower, and cleaning the stove will help you avoid a large buildup of grime and dirt. Ultimately, things will crop up that just need to get cleaned immediately. Your child wipes their dirty hand across a mirror. The dog tracks mud across the carpet. You spill a pot of spaghetti on the kitchen floor. However, these aren’t regular occurrences. (At least we hope not!)


Read and Toss

Magazine subscriptions are amazing. We love them as much as the next Joe. But, high-quality reading material can quickly become a pile. Just consider the magazines stacked beside your porcelain throne right now.


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