It doesn’t matter that he cries bloody murder when there’s a stain on his favorite super hero t-shirt – he screams just as loud about bathing.

Does this sound familiar?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Kids seem to go through phases where all of a sudden they don’t want to wash their hair, brush their teeth or even contemplate stepping foot into the bathroom.

Luckily, you can pull the proverbial rabbit out the hat by transforming their bathroom into a place they want to be. Consider your little man’s interests and then do up the bathroom with accessories that mirror his favorite hobbies, shows or activities. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 


“Yo ho baby!”
It’ll be a pirate’s bath for your little boy with Kassatex’ Bambini Pirate accessories. If he thinks Jake and the Never Land Pirates have exciting adventures, just watch the fun he’s going to have splish-splashing in his own water world.


Rev those Bubbles
Decorate the bathroom with his favorite Cars characters and he’ll be racing to bathtime.


A Clean Slam Dunk
It might be hard to pull your future Michael Jordan off the basketball court and into the bath right now, but with a little basketball décor, he might just be persuaded. Add a nerf hoop to the back of the bathroom door and he can even practice while he cleans!


Let Him Hoot
For the bird-loving boy, these owl inspired bathroom accessories will give him something to hoot about.


Take Flight
Let his imagination soar. The sky’s the limit with Kassatex’ Bambini In-Flight bath accessories. These aviation inspired touches will keep your future pilot’s head in the clouds.


Take a Bite out of Dirt
Will the teeth baring shark catch the sweet schools of fish? That’s a tale yet to be discovered. One thing’s for certain, you’ll get your little man in the bath and kick dirt to the curb with this fun under the sea touch.


It’s a Jungle
Let your little monkey loose in a jungle where he’ll get clean. This lovely collection of monkey bath accessories will have him swinging from the trees every time you run a bath.






Curious about other ways to make your little boy’s bathroom a place he’ll love? Contact one of our Bath Fitter experts today.