4 Luxury Bathroom Updates

Do you swoon over beautiful pictures of bathrooms? Have you been creating Pinterest boards with dozens of updates? Are you feeling a bit flustered by the sheer number of choices?

We have you covered. The following bathroom elements are ones you’ll love for years to come. Because no one wants to waste their money on something they’ll enjoy for a bit and then grow tired of. 


Dual Sinks

Share a bathroom with your significant other? Dual sinks are something you’ll love every time you brush your teeth, wash your face or trim your beard. This is one of those updates that can’t be beaten. Sure, you might lose a bit of countertop real estate. But, the number of times you’ll avoid elbow jockeying for who gets to clean up will be well worth the sacrifice.


Heated Floors

You take a luxuriously warm shower. You’re clean and relaxed without a care in the world. And then your step onto the cold tile floor…

Few things can shock you back to reality more quickly than that! With heated tile floors you’ll stay warm and toasty, even after you bathe.


Ultra-Efficient Bathroom Fan

There are no two ways around it – the bathroom is a humid place. Without a good way to move all the steam created by your shower and sink out of the bathroom, mold will quickly take hold. This can be dangerous to your health. It can be difficult to remove. And, it can lead to expensive repairs. With an ultra-efficient bathroom fan, you can avoid this unfortunate miss-step.


Spacious Shower

While you probably don’t need a shower the size of your living room, a spacious shower is a luxury. Unfortunately, without a major remodel, the footprint of our bathrooms is only so big. To uncover more space, consider upgrading from a tub-shower combo to a stand-alone shower. Rather than the clunky tub that rarely gets used, you’ll be able to capitalize on all that extra room every time you bathe.


Let’s talk about your tub-shower conversion!