Budget Friendly Bathroom Updates

Does your bathroom need an update? Are you feeling like giving it one will simply cost too much?

While it’s rare that you can update any space without spending at least a little money, you don’t have to be flush with cash to make a big impact. These budget-friendly bathroom updates will help you give your space a refresh without breaking the bank. 


Quick Fixes

Showerhead – The showerhead makes or breaks the bathing experience. Replacing your tired model with a modern option can transform your daily bath. Consider the mounted hand-held verities. We’re quite partial to these as they provide the maximum in enjoyment and flexibility. As an added perk, newer showerheads tend to be more water efficient, helping you save on your monthly water bill!

Bathmats & Towels – Think of a spa. Beyond the obvious (like someone else cleans the toilet), what’s one of the things you love the best? We always relish the plush bathmats and towels. Bring a little bit of that spa goodness into your own home by replacing your old ones with a new, soft selection


Sweat Equity

Paint – Few things can change a room more quickly than the color of the walls. A can or two of paint doesn’t cost a lot. It’s mostly just the sweat equity of actually painting your bathroom.


Best Bang for Your Buck

New Vanity Lighting – For whatever reason, older bathrooms tended to be outfitted with dull lights. Swap those babies out with something that provides a soft, bright light. This will immediately liven up the space.

Tub-to-Shower Conversion – Space is always at a premium. Unfortunately, the old school shower-tub combo takes up a lot of room! By converting it to a shower, you can enjoy a lusciously large space while you bathe!


Ready to explore your tub-to-shower conversion options? Talk to one of our design experts today.