Ivory Marble Half Bath

I’m worried about my pet being in my bathroom. Can I pet-proof it?
When it comes to your pet being in your bathroom, there are typically two main concerns: your pet hurting themselves and your pet making a mess. Both of these concerns can be prevented by keeping potentially harmful items out of their reach. Place all cleaning products in a cupboard. If your pet is particularly clever, put a lock on the cabinet. Think they’ll get into the toilet paper? Use a toilet paper roll guard. The same holds true for the toilet seat. And if all else fails, close your bathroom door. 

My shower doesn’t drain very well. Can I do anything?
Your shower or tub doesn’t drain well when it’s clogged. We always recommend you begin by checking if there is anything caught in the drain that you can remove. This could include excess hair or an item that snuck down the drain.

If that doesn’t work, the following four options are ordered in severity of the clog from least sever to most sever. In most cases, the more intense the remedy, the more it will cost.

The Home Remedy
Sprinkle baking soda down the drain. Pour vinegar down the drain. Let it sit for at least half an hour. Once it has sat, follow it up with boiling water.

Commercial Drain Cleaner
In a similar fashion to your baking soda and vinegar home remedy, pour commercial drain cleaner down your drain, let sit for the directed amount of time, and then flush with hot water.

A drain snake is a large piece of metal wire that can go deep into your drain. It is used to physically break up clogs. Normally they have some sort of pointed end that can bust through stubborn bits and draw the material up and out of the drain.

Call a Plumber
When all else fails, call a professional. Your plumber will help you diagnose the problem, fix it, and often provide clear guidance as to how to avoid it in the future.
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