Essential Organizing Products for the Small Bathroom

The housing market in the Seattle area is crazy! Space is at a premium – especially in the bathroom. It can be difficult to find spots for all your necessities. Luckily, there are a few products and tactics that can help you capitalize on your unused space and maximize your efficiency. 

If there’s no space on your vanity for a hand towel, many folks will go without. This leaves you and your guests wiping wet hands on your pants, shaking them dry or using your bath towel (gross!). An over-the-door towel bars could be the perfect solution. This handy product isn’t just for your bath towel. It can work for your hand towels too. Hang it facing outward on your sink cabinet and now you have a place for hand towels.

Is your sink free-standing? This minimalistic concept can be beautiful, but it lacks any storage capacity. And, all that free-standing air is just wasted space. You can maintain the open-concept while capitalizing on the space with sink shelves that fit around your pedestal sink. Ragrund makes a triangular shelf perfect for nesting around your drain.

Do you spend the morning digging in your cabinet for necessities like your hairdryer and brush? Create a hair-styling station for corralling all the things you need on a regular basis. This could be a simple plastic bin stashed beneath your sink or an over-the-cabinet hair dryer holder.

Need space for items like extra toilet paper and towels. The space over your toilet often goes unused – even though you’re paying for it! Mount floating shelves in this space and you’ll create instant storage. An alternative (or additional) solution is a narrow floor cabinet. This slim unit on Amazon measures just six-inches, allowing it to slip between the wall and toilet in most bathrooms. 

Need more tips for maximizing your bathroom storage? We have you covered.