Blue and white bathroom

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an immaculate bathroom? Unfortunately, bathrooms tend to get grimy in a hurry! Clean is one day and just a few days later it’s back to looking a bit sad. These are the five biggest bathroom hazards keeping your space from maintaining its just-been-cleaned shine. 


Toothpaste-Soiled Sinks

A twice-daily brushing leads to A LOT of spitting toothpaste in the sink. Which is where it should go. But all that toothpaste can quickly lead to a thick layer on your sink. Keep a small container of wet wipes under your sink and wipe the bowl down every other day or so. It’ll take just five seconds and your bowl will stay clean, clean, clean!


Spotty Mirrors

Cleaning your mirror can feel like a lot of work. So it’s not uncommon for folks to skip it. But water spots, toothpaste splatters, and makeup smudges can make your mirror look dull and lifeless. Not to mention, it can make looking in the mirror less than appealing. To stay on top of the smudges and spots between the big clean, use a damp cloth to spot-clean any noticeable marks.


Grimy Faucet Knobs

Of all the fixtures in your bathroom, the faucet knobs are the ones that get used the most. Any residue on your hands easily passes onto the knobs and can quickly cause them to become dull and lifeless. When you wipe down your sink, take a moment to wipe down your knobs too.


Gross Bathtubs

Moist and generally dark, bathtubs are a breeding ground for mold and mildew. If you’ve let it go too long, deep scrubbing your bathtub might be necessary. But with a few steps, you can keep mildew at bay. Mix lemon juice, with water and a drop of dish soap in a spray bottle. Post shower, spray down your tub.


Nasty Grout

Do you think the space between shower tiles simply darkens as it ages? Wrong! That dark color is bacteria. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to remove bacteria without damaging the grout. The best way to get rid of nasty grout is to get rid of the grout! Our seamless bath and shower inserts are grout-free, making cleaning a breeze.


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