How to Make Your Kids Want to Bathe

We are going to give you a little inside scoop – the secret weapon of making your kids want to bathe – MAKE BATH TIME FUN!

If you turn bath time for a dreaded moment into an event, your kids will love to get clean. Just think how many times you have tried to drag your daughter or son away from a fun game and into the bath. What was the result? A crying, creaming kiddo who was board to death?

While a basket of toys is always nice to have one hand, they can get old. To help you infuse bath time with even more giggles, we have rounded up four fun activities: 


Magic Hatching Dinosaur Eggs

Asia, from Fun at Home With Kids, explains how to make magic hatching dinosaur eggs. Hidden inside the do-it-yourself (DIY) bath booms are small dinosaurs!


Lego Bath Bombs

Have a kid who is gaga over Legos rather than dinosaurs? Dayna, from Lemon Lime Adventures, shows us how to make Lego bath bombs. These fun bathtub additions can be made in any color you want. And, they make the water fizz as they dissolve to reveal a Lego!


Schedule a Pool Party for One

This might be a party for one, but you can guarantee your little one will RSVP. Fill the bathtub with a variety of fun pool toys. Think floaties, pool noodles, and colorful toys shaped like water animals. Turn on the tunes and they will be partying (while getting clean) in no time.


Mermaid Magic

Have a child who loves mermaids? Look for some mermaid inspired toys and make bath time mermaid time. You might even put on music from the Little Mermaid. Then, invite your child to count their gadgets and gizmos.


Get more tips for how to make your kid’s bath time enjoyable.