How to Uncover Extra Bathroom Storage

Is your bathroom feeling a bit like a storage closet without any shelving? When you don’t have anyplace to store your necessities they can quickly turn into piles and clutter.

Luckily, even the smallest spaces can hold an immense amount of stuff with the right creative solutions. These storage tips allow you to easily uncover extra bathroom storage in a beautiful and functional way. 


Freestanding Cabinet

Built-in cabinets can be lovely. They are also permanent, meaning as your needs change, your storage won’t. Built-ins also require you to alter your bathroom’s footprint by bumping out walls or drilling into them. However, a freestanding cabinet lets you add functional shelving and drawers in a style that suits your needs.

To save yourself some coin, shop salvage shops and second-hand stores. You can refinish these pieces to match your existing décor. Before you start shopping, be sure to measure the full height, width, and depth requirements of your space. The last thing you will want is to get home and discover your new purchase doesn’t fit.


Bath Shelves

Shampoo and soap on the floor aren’t only a clutter bomb. It is dangerous. Rather than let your shower floor become a landmine, add bath shelves to your shower walls. This will get your necessities off the floor and make them easier to access while you shower.

We carry a variety of bath shelves that fit in both the corners of your shower and at the center of the wall.


Over-the-Door Hooks

You pay for the space behind your door, whether you use it or not. Most bathrooms don’t take advantage of this space. With an over-the-door hook, you can hang everything from bathrobes and towels to hair dryers and flat irons. You could even use these hooks to hang a daily to-do list, so you can keep your family on the same page.


Looking for some additional organizational tips? We have you covered.