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Your bathroom is a sanctuary, but it’s also part of your home. When the time comes to remodel your bathroom, a full demolition can really disrupt the whole house, not to mention create a lot of waste and debris that clogs up landfills. At Bath Fitter SK, we use our innovative installation technique that forms your new tub directly over the old — cutting down on invasive construction and mess. We consult with clients to match the look they want and make best use of the space they have to deliver high-quality custom tubs that will last a lifetime. Our tub liners fill the bathroom with your style and with our low-impact installation, we’re often done in one day.

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During your consultation, our design experts will take measurements of your existing bath and work with you on colours, material, and style. With your selections in place, your custom will begin to take shape along with any custom fixtures, surrounds, or ceilings. When your custom tub arrives from our manufacturing facility, our pro installers will get to work, often installing start to finish in a single day. Your tub and our unique seamless walls are custom made and installed, ensuring a precise, waterproof fit.

At Bath Fitter SK, we work fast, clean, and pay attention to details. Everything is backed by our lifetime guarantee.

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Quick and simple installation

From slip resistant floors to seamless walls, our tub liners are the upgrade that your bathroom remodel needs. Not only do our tubs look great, our innovative materials are easier to clean than standard tubs, and can help you save energy, cut down on water waste, and last a lifetime. The bathroom of your dreams is closer than ever with high quality products and quick, demolition-free, professional installation.

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