Storage. For many folks, this is the biggest headache when it comes to small bathrooms. Where is one to put all their stuff, when there’s not a lot of room?

The solution is getting creative! Often, your bathroom has a lot of underutilized space. And that underutilized space becomes a real issue the smaller your bathroom is. The following tips, tricks, and ideas can help you creatively storage where you previously had little to none. 

Add Hooks to the Inside of Doors

The inside surfaces of cabinet doors are some of the most underutilized spaces within more bathrooms. This is especially true of doors that lead beneath your bathroom sink. One of the keys to maximizing storage space is keeping items organized. This is hard to do when all your items are in one big, piled mess. Hooks solve this. To give yourself the maximum in flexibility, use self-adhesive hooks, so you can remove and reposition them as needed.

Hang Your Storage from the Ceiling

When you can’t spread out, consider spreading up. Hang a planter from your ceiling to create another layer of space overhead. Alternatively, you may think about hanging a three-tiered basket. This can add some texture and intrigue to your space while also giving you extra space for storing items.

Over-the-Door Racks

Like the inside of your cabinet doors, the backside of your bathroom door often goes unused. Slide an over-the-door rack on that bad boy. Over-the-door racks come in a variety of styles ranging from simple hooks and towel bars to baskets and mirrors. So go on. Have some fun with it.

Add Pull-Out Drawers to You Shelves

Do you know what’s at the back of the shelves in your bathroom cabinet? Most likely, you’ve long since forgotten. Because as the saying goes, ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ Rolling shelves allow you to easily access the entire contents of your bathroom cabinets quickly and easily.


Like tiered baskets, a pedestal allows you to layer your storage. Add one to your countertop and discover how easy it is to add function and elegance to your bathroom.

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