Use a footrest to avoid slipping while shaving.

Earlier this week we shared four helpful tips about how to make your bathroom a safer place. But, what about all those sneaky ways your bathroom could be putting you and your family’s health at risk? Don’t get caught off guard by a foreseeable hazard. You can prevent these not-so-well-known dangers with a few simple changes to how you decorate, organize, and light your bathroom. 


The Slippery Rug

Your floor is slippery when wet. That is pretty obvious, right? But did you know the throw rug you put down for safety might not really be doing its job? If the throw rug slips on the floor when wet, you have merely placed one slippery surface on top of another. Rather, look for a mat with rubber backing to provide some grip.


The Dark

Nightlights are just for babies who suck their thumb, right? Wrong! This is especially true in the bathroom. When it is dark, it is easy to misstep. You can trip over a misplaced item and fall. You might jam your toe on the doorway. Or you could clip a hip on the counter. A nightlight helps provide the necessary light to keep you safe.

Tip: If you have a gentleman who seems to miss the toilet at night, consider lining the inside rim of your bowl with a glow-in-the-dark strip to help him aim true.


Trying to Shave One-Legged

Do you have excellent balance? That is great! What about those days you are exhausted? Even for the most in shape individuals trying to stand one-legged on a slippery surface can be a bit too much. By adding a small footrest to your shower, you can simplify the process of balancing and shaving.


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