Most of us have a tendency to store as much in our bathrooms as we possibly can. In large part, this is because humans have a knack for hoarding things. The Costco package of soap. A drawer full of hotel shampoo. Old toothbrushes that haven’t made their way to the waste bin. It adds up!

But does all that clutter belong in the bathroom? The short answer is, no. The ideal bathroom is a serene space that allows you to relax and unwind. Clutter has the opposite effect. It makes a space feel smaller and causes your mind to work harder as you process each item. 

Using the following tips about what to store and what not to store in your bathroom to make your space clean and orderly.


What Not to Store in Your Bathroom

Medications – The chemical compounds of medications are precisely calibrated. Exposure to water can alter these compounds and the effects of medications. This is why it’s best to store all medications outside of the bathroom in a dry and temperature controlled environment.

Electronics – Even the best bathroom fans are no match for a steamy shower. While that moisture might not immediately affect your electronics, it can over time. This can not only cause them to break, it could put you in danger if something malfunctions.

Books & Paperwork – Have a book you care about deeply? The bathroom’s not a great place to leave it lying around. The same is true for paperwork, and bills. Humidity can do a number on them.

Paintings & Pictures – The rule of thumb is, if you care about it, don’t store it in the bathroom. These items can quickly and easily be ruined in the high temperatures and extreme humidity.


What to Store in Your Bathroom

Towels – Go figure, but towels in the bathroom is clearly a necessity. Make sure you always have washcloths, bath towels and hand towels easily accessible. If you have spares, try and store them in a cupboard to keep them from getting damp in the steam.

Toiletries – Items you use regularly, such as toothpaste, toothbrush, mouthwash, moisturizer, and razors, are best kept in the bathroom.

Grooming Appliances – Items like your hair dryer, straightener, and nose trimmer should also be kept in the bathroom. If you can attach small hooks to the inside of your cabinet door, hanging these items can help you cut down on clutter.


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