Essential Elements of a Kid-Friendly Bathroom

We don’t have to tell you kids grow up fast. Doesn’t it seem like they sprout up so quickly you can almost see them grow?

While your kids’ wants and needs are very real in the moment, long-term these change over time. This is true even in the bathroom. However, updating the bathroom is a lot different than replacing your son’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle t-shirt or your daughter’s My Little Pony shoes.

Bathroom updates are expensive! That’s why you want a bathroom that will work for your family for years to come. So avoid the following hazards that could end up costing you substantially.

The Child-Size Permanent Fixtures

Thinking about a mini toilet? Considering a lowered sink? Want to install a showerhead at kid level? Just take a beat for a second and ask yourself: Will your 6-foot 3-inch teenage son think it’s great fun to use a toilet designed for a toddler?

Maybe. When he’s visiting a friend’s house and can razz his buddy about the mini toilet. But day-in and day-out your kids probably won’t want a small toilet. Neither will you. And neither will guests when they visit!

Remember, these permanent fixtures are the most expensive part of your bathroom. Unless you plan to do another bathroom remodel in 5-10 years, make sure they are adult-size.


THE FIX: Use removable helpers to make permanent adult-size fixtures accessible for little ones. This means providing stools. Maybe installing a showerhead on a sliding bar.


Showers that are Hard to Clean

Showers with a lot of intricate tile work may be lovely in a picture. But when it comes time to clean that bad boy, all that grout can be hard to clean!

Not only is grout a great place for mold and mildew to take hold, it’s hard to scrub without damaging it over time. This means lots of scrubbing and eventually re-grouting your shower.


THE FIX: Install a seamless shower. Seamless showers are easy to clean, because they have less nooks and crannies. This means less scrubbing and no re-grouting!


Let’s talk about your seamless shower.