How to Make Cleaning the Bathroom Fun

You know those times when you have a little (or a lot) of pent up energy? Your mother calls to pester you about why she doesn’t have grandkids yet. Your cat decided the sofa was a good scratching post. Your boss told you on a Thursday about a Friday morning presentation you need to make to the board.

Those are the times when you need a way to blow off some steam. And, they’re also the perfect time to tackle some of the more labor-intensive cleaning tasks. 


Sweep and Mop

Moving is one of the best ways to work off some of that pent-up tension in your body. Sure, you could go for a walk. But what if you walked around the house – with a broom? At the end of it, you’ll have worked off some of that stress and have something to show for it.


Flip Your Mattress

There’s nothing like exerting a little brute force when you’re angry. Teenage boys lash out and punch walls. Girls might sometimes pull their hair. You? You flip your mattress and get to enjoy an even more comfortable night’s rest.


Scrub Your Shower

This isn’t a time for ‘wax-on wax-off’ meditation. This is a time for scrubbing. For taxing your muscles and watching dirt and grime melt away. So have at it!



When you’re angry, you’re less likely to be sentimental. That makes it a great time to declutter – especially in the bathroom. Get a big trash bag. Sort through your toiletries. Toss anything that’s expired, empty or doesn’t get used.


BONUS TIP: Turn on some great tunes. Music has a way of lifting our spirits. Turn on music to which you love to dance and sing. Even if it doesn’t instantly make you feel better, you might be surprised at the magic of it after a few minutes.


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