full length mirror

Whether you are getting dressed for a big interview, first date or girls’ night out, a full-length mirror is essential. Sure, the half-length vanity is nice for things like makeup and hairdos. But, the full-length is where you turn to check out how those shoes compliment your skirt and to ensure your pants haven’t suddenly developed a hole in the (cough cough) nether regions.

A full-length mirror is where you practice your googly eyes. It is the space where you reconnect with your inner Disney princess and twirl by yourself.

Needless to say – a full-length mirror is essential. 

Beyond checking out your ‘full bod,’ mirrors also offer a lot of design perks. These include:

They Give the Illusion of Space – Mirrors reflect the room. This can make the space appear larger than it is. To maximize the illusion, place mirrors facing one another, allowing them to reflect upon one another. (This is also a great way to check yourself out from all angles.)

They Create More Light – Just like a mirror reflects a space, it reflects the light within that space. Consider placing your full-length mirror near a window where it will be able reflect natural light. (This is also a more flattering light for you!)

They Can Make a Statement – A large mirror, such as a full-length mirror, can be a decorative addition. To increase the impact, place the mirror in an ornate frame. This also a great opportunity to play up the accent colors of your room. Consider painting the frame one of the bright colors from your rug or sofa.

They Can Cover Imperfects – Did you two-year-old scratch the wall? Are you not ready to paint just yet? Cover the scratch up! Place your full-length mirror in front of the wall blemish and no one will be the wiser.